Hannah Weller

OM Retreats Co-Founder

Hannah’s background is as a dancer and choreographer, and she has studied, taught and produced dance work for over 20 years. She always enjoyed yoga practice alongside this, and the natural progression was to develop her skills and become a qualified teacher, training in Hatha and Vinyasa Flow yoga. She enjoys bringing her influences of dance, anatomy, yoga philosophy and breath work to her yoga classes. She is particularly interested in how we can develop the skills of yoga beyond the mat, and integrate them into our daily lives.

Hannah is now living at and running Lovebrook. A for-benefit organisation based across 33 acres in the beautiful South Downs village of Kingston. This ambitious project includes market garden, orchard, therapeutic wellbeing days, farm shop, and plans for a forest garden, areas of rewilding, chalk grassland, woodland planting, camping areas and laying hens .